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Glasgow`s great wealth was built on the River Clyde, the great river which flows through the city centre. The trading houses, the shipping fleets and the shipbuilding industry all used this busy waterway.
But times have changed, trading patterns have altered, and few ships enter the once-busy docks these days. Only two important shipbuilding yards remain within the city boundary.

These articles describe the River Clyde and why it was so important to the development of the city.

1 Glasgow and the River Clyde
2 Making the River Clyde navigable
3 The industrial river
The PS Waverley is the world`s last sea-going paddleship. It was built in Glasgow in 1947 and it is based at Finnieston, near the city centre. It is immensely popular with Glaswegians and visitors alike and it travels in the Clyde waters, off the west coast - and even around southern England! - during the summer months. The picture shows it passing Govan; Govan Old Parish Church and the Govan shipyard are on the left.

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