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Glasgow Cross is one of the city`s most historic sites, though most of its present buildings are relatively modern. Five important streets meet here: High Street, Gallowgate, London Road, Saltmarket and Trongate, making this a busy and very important junction.

High Street was the city`s main street from medieval times. It ran from the Cathedral towards the river; Gallowgate was the route to Edinburgh, passing Gallows Muir (the hanging place); London Road led southwards to England; the Saltmarket was where salt sellers were established; Trongate followed the north bank of the River Clyde towards the important town of Dumbarton.

The two most important structures at Glasgow Cross are the Mercat Cross and the Tolbooth Steeple. Other interesting buildings include the Mercat Building and the Bank of Scotland Building.

This article is based on the guidebook "The Glasgow Guide".

The the tall Tolbooth Steeple dominates Glasgow Cross. The Bank of Scotland Building stands to its left.

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